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Hello you there and welcome to the great entrance hall of the Temple of Din. This, sadly non profit making, web site is dedicated to the myriad creations of the knights of the temple - all brave men and true (even the ladies) who have sworn to uphold the ever expanding philosophy of Din. Mistakenly believing utterly in our own selves as possibly the greatest creative force that ever lived we bow to nothing save our own Gods/Godesses/Short Duration Personal Saviours. In the Temple of Din we have no truck with fashion, marketability or anything as mundane, limp wristed and soulless as contemporary taste.

At present the main map of the Temple only gives access to representatives of the Temples noise labs (whose denizens creations are featured in the Temples audio room) but, as with all good things in life, the Temple is a constantly evolving organism so stay tuned ! In the future we're hoping to feature a veritable cornucopia of delights for both the eyes and ears (and if the technology improves maybe some other parts of your ravaged anatomy - you rascals !) We also have a selection of links to other sites which feature stuff done by other people that we happen to like.

So why not stop flitting from site to site like a diseased flying squirrel and get yourself acquainted with these wonders of the world right now ? Well ? what are you waiting for ? don't just sit there like a defeated tractor in a field full of rotten turnips. Put on your best frock, power up your entertainment cortex and dive headlong into the rest of the site where you can groove along to some synaptic noise terror whilst attempting to make sense of the page upon page of drooling rubbish hurriedly cobbled together by our underpaid scribes.

"Shut up and get on with it" I hear you say and I couldn't agree more so why don't you relax, loosen your brain stem and select something stimulating from our full fat, high taste menu ??? (guaranteed free from all artificial additives, preservatives and philosophies)

*** STOP PRESS *** Thanks to proper web hosting now being within reach of the Temple of Dins pocket money we've moved to a new home. So the old "Audio Dungeon" has been retired and all the swag has been moved onto a proper web host. But don't think this means we're going to update the crappy olde skoool style of the Tadpole of Doom. Far from it. We like it slightly krappy (tm). Enjoy ! (or not... please yourselves...)

Number of the temples electrons currently attenuated to Wotan remains at:




This web site is usually in the process of being shoddily cobbled together. Mostly by our inept webmeister the ÜberPope Raptor Ramjet KSC who, despite an almost total lack of talent, is struggling manfully to get acquainted with the ins and outs of this new fangled electrickery. This being the case you might just find that some of the links aren't up to date or don't work, etc. etc.

On the off chance that you can be bothered then please let me know and I'll do my best to rearrange the offending electrons. (although at the rate I'm going I'll probably just make things worse)

All facets of the temple of din were also rigorously tested and were found to be fully year 2000 complacent. To this end we've stockpiled huge supplies of cheap beans and an old motorbike battery so if the worlds computer systems all fall over at once then at least we'll have plenty to eat until the shops re open

For those of you who think the garish colour schemes and the fonts employed in the temple are a load of old trousers then all I can say is that you're in good company 'cause so do I - I'll be fixing this as soon as I can get to grips with my 'trusty' HTML editor/ruiner and come up with anything better but until then I'm afraid it's eye strain 'r' us.

Lastly, and most definitely leastly, all speeling mistaks and pore gramma are purley intenshunal and hav been left in so that you can sit there feeling all smug about your superior command of the Kings english. Anybody sending in shE-Mails complaining about this site will be thrown to the loins.

Egad !  The fnords are everywhere..... even in the Temple of Din !

Ramjet holding the mystical pipe of din

ÜberPope Raptor Ramjet

Egad !  The fnords are everywhere..... even in the Temple of Din !

In the Temple of Din we are all willing adherents to the law of Thelema

"Love is the law Love under Will"

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For superior longevity, and to help reduce the wasteful killing of trees implicit in timber based publishing, this footnote has been constructed using Hemp based electrons only.

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All stuff on this site is copyright © the Temple of Din - but if you want to use anything do so, just let us know and if it makes any money (stop laughing) then chuck a bit our way !!!

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