The Ceramic Hobs stared in about 1985 when Simon Morris and Steve Lambert first decided to form a band. The experiment then continued for several decades. Sadly processedings came to an abrupt end on the 20th December 2019 with the sad news of Simon's death. This page serves simply as a placeholder to make a few Hobs recordings available.

If you want to read more about the band there are numerous articles on the internet. There's far too much to the story to detail everything here so please find a few links to get you started. Keep searching though as there are lot of good articles and interviews with Simon out there:


The Hobs lineup was always flexible, people came, people went, some people died. A totally non exhastive list of members includes:

MP3 Audio Tracks

Live At Tusk Festival, Gateshead 2018/10/13

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All videos were recorded by simply placing our trusty video camera somewhere out of the way and hoping people didn't nick it (more fool them if they do as it's got dodgy buttons which we know how to press "just so" to get the bugger working. If you took it to a pawn shop and tried to sell it they'd tell you to bugger off and throw it in the bin !

Live At Tusk Festival, Gateshead, 13/10/2018

Voodoo Party

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