Demos & Rehearsal "Tapes"

Come and join us in Johnnys cellar, the place where we come up with all our tunes. As you can see some rough boys have been here before us and have scrawled scary things on the walls and decorated it with voodoo totems but we soon got over our initial fright and now feel quite at home here.

Should you be wondering why all the files are prefixed with "R09_nnn" well that's the prefix that the Edirol R-09 gives its recordings and we keep them as a useful archive tool.

Due to space constraints we're also only now keeping the last few rehearsals online. If you want any of the older stuff you'll have to ask nicely.

Live At The "B" Fest 2008

This video clip of "Moan About Lisa", comes courtesy of Whitehaven News. It was originally supplied in low resolution flash video so we've made a "best effort" to covert it to MP4.

Selected Audio Tracks








2009 West Orange Demo

The West Orange Demo. There is a "finished" version of this somewhere about but I haven't got a copy. These are the latest versions I had.

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