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Bojemoi ! Here's where you can explore the creations of the denizens of the Temple itself. Feast your ears on the aural outpourings from the synaptic beat combos lurking in the sound dungeon or catch up on the viewing habits of the inimitable movie meister. All pages have been lovingly prepared using only the finest hand picked electrons and are served with a light coating of electrickery, a slice of real home made idiocy (the good old fashioned kind - just like gran'ma and gran'pa used to make) and, courtesy of those nice people at Real Media, come garnished with a full sonic salad.

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Thee Phantom Creeps The Uncontrolled Masters of Rumbling Voodoo Punk have finally made it onto the web. "Oh great" I hear you say, you miserable swine !

"You say you love me, only when I dress like Jack Palance..."

Satan's in my telly The Def-A-Kators. Musical entertainment was never meant to be like this. Get it whilst it's hot. Beyond art, beyond entertainment and, some would say, beyond hope.
Welcome to the Savant Guard Sweet Knuckle. Currently one of the favourite bands on the Temple juke box the latest addition to the Temples noise labs bring you a few tracks from their excellent demos.
Bojemoi !  a Red Monkey ! Red Monkey. The latest venture from the collective 'might' of the Knights of the Temple saw us taking our d.i.y. punk ethic into the world of film music creation. Who needs a multi million dollar budget ? (er... we do - ed.) We can do much worse on a shoestring !
Poulton-Le-Fyldes premier punk band Hip, Hip, Hooray ! Poulton-Le-Fyldes premier punk band Walter and the Knobheads finally make it onto the World Wide Intermaweb. So dive on in an dsee what rubbish they're up to today !!! Punk Never Ends !
Ah the sport of kings.  Sadly this lot are more like Clown Princes.... And as if all this wasn't enough you can also keep up with the exploits of the Jolly Boys Cricket Club in the Blackpool and Fylde thursday league.

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