This Weeks Favourite links

The following section contains several lengths of poor quality electric string which we've lovingly guided through the aether and tied onto some of our favourite websites. If you pull gently on them they should bring the swag at the other end down into your browser where a veritable host of miniature electric monks will transcribe them into some hopefully intersting and entertaining things. (Don't pull too hard though 'cause we couldn't really afford the top of the range stuff and breakages have been known to occur)

As the page was starting to take forever to load, and to make life a tiny bit easier for you, the links have now been split into different sections each of which is contained in its own page. So here's the menu:


n.b. The links made available using the random links button are not all featured on the links pages as they're updated on a "when I feel like it" basis and I'm too bone idle to keep the links pages in step :) So go ahead and try it 'cause it's total "pot luck" !

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